When to come back to the world

People like me live outside the world. I left a while ago. I leave my apartment in the day and go to my job, and I have a mostly happy day. I have a great job with a truly great company, and my contribution and role in the company is respected. I am well liked and appreciated and I appreciate all the great people I work with. I have pretty good health, except for the fact that I don’t have any self-control over what I eat, I cannot keep any kind of consistency in my diet or any kind of exercise, and I mostly live of coffee and fruit, because eating healthy seems like something I have to force myself to do. Most of the things that people savor and love as food, I find to be mostly tasteless and bland. I used to love cooking, but not so much any more. Not much point in cooking when you don’t enjoy eating. I have the most amazing wife that any man could ask for, she has an amazing effect on every person she meets, and is the most loving and compassionate person and has seemingly endless support for me even in the darkest of times. I have four amazing children that are each full of amazing potential and are destined to lead amazing lives. I had a hand in helping with this. I’ve never really known happiness most of my life. On the surface, I can laugh, I an outwardly experience what everyone looks like they would recognize as happiness or joy, but inside, nothing. For the most part I understand this is called disassociation. Feels right, sure feels like I’ve disassociated myself.

The problem with all that bullshit though, is that I am the most spiritual person I know. Since I was 18 years old, my mission has been to save this world, but I never knew how. The past few years has been exceptionally hard for me because like many others, I’ve been part of the awakening on this planet, the awakening and evolution of our species. We’ve been launched into a fast forward exponentially increasing evolution and a big part of that is having to deal with our own darkness and shadowy part of ourselves. We can’t take it with us in our path, and we can’t hold onto it either. You could take many lives to find the source of all your hurting and unwind and release it, but everyone tends to agree that our species is heading fast into the next phase of our evolution.

So for a spiritual person, looking out at the world, the hardest thing to do is to look around and realize that the state of our planet and our lives is what it is because we haven’t had a true spiritual understanding as a species. Look for yourself. Look at war. Look at money and the system of banks and currency governing us. Look at the fear of our neighbors. Look at our environmental destruction. Look at all the ‘big’ corporate entities we’ve created that knowingly and willfully cause human disease, destruction and all forms of discord and suffering back upon ourselves and our environment. Most all aspects of the world we have created for ourselves is such that we must make the hardest possible conditions on this planet for living out our lives. Look at the highly advanced and suppressed technologies, like free energy and suppressed cures for diseases, and corporations profiting from maintaining century-old energy technologies and the manufacture of medical drug warfare and suffering it causes. Everywhere you look, there is evidence that we have created a society from a complete lack of understanding of our divine nature.

So the question then has to be, if I have spent most of my life disassociated, when is the right time to come back? What’s the point of even coming back? If I did return, what do I then do in a completely dysfunctional world where I don’t feel much joy about maintaining an existence in? Okay everyone feels lonely sometimes. It just really sucks when you are surrounded by what feels like the whole planet is full of strangers, because you still feel alone and lost. I often look at the world overwhelmed with the monstrosity of the task at hand; how to convince the entire species the the most important thing in their lives is their own divinity and the recognition of that same divinity in all others and in all things? Can it be done? Can we survive? Can we actually evolve? How? What is that evolution? I know that isn’t about technology or the physical world. That is not where our evolution really lies. We cannot affect real change of our physical world any longer without first repairing our own spiritual understanding of our existence here.

If everyone did have that understanding, we wouldn’t really have much need for war, money, scarcity, lack, poverty, gluttony, greed, power over others, lack of respect for our planet as a living entity, or any of the other so obviously infantile and wrong aspects of our civilization that we choose to just accept like we have no control over it when we are actually the governing species of this planet. So then that’s what my real job is now. The enlightenment of humanity. That’s my career now, and I’ve actually been working at it for 30 years now so I’m getting pretty good at it. Most spiritual teachers and healers would recognize that sentiment too actually; the calling. Once you embark on the path, that’s your job now, that’s your career. Granted this can be difficult when you have to exert a large amount of your physical energy to buy dollars from someone to then trade for your own shelter, food and clothing on this planet. Kind of seems ridiculous when you look at it from this perspective right? Economy. Pure idiocy. So a day job is a necessity, the trick is just not to get lost in it, thereby making it your self-imposed enslavement by mistake. Easy to do in our world if you are not paying attention.

Still, I continue in my mission. Disassociated yes, but trying to re-connect, just with the intention of doing so on my own terms. If a crack appears in the darkness it is because the light has now forced its way in. I’ve decided that I am now one of those who holds the sledge-hammer. It’s now my job it is to smash down the remaining darkness into oblivion leaving only the bright light of truth standing in its place. It’s my job to rid the darkness from our world by reminding everyone of what is our highest and greatest potential as evolved and enlightened humans, living an example of the simple truth that we are all divine, and we can simply choose to make everything really easy on ourselves from now on. The first step is just understanding that we can. We do in fact, have this option, to make life easy on ourselves. Finally, after thousands of years of turmoil, we have realized that we are all the same divine being, and we can choose to live peacefully and joyfully with this knowledge and understanding now. We don’t even have to realize that we want to live this way yet, we just need to realize that it is actually possible in the first place.

So, in truth, I left the old world of dysfunctional and destructive disconnected disharmony, and I’m never ever going back. Not to the way things were. I’m smashing my way out of my own self-imposed cocoon of ignorance, freeing myself from my own disassociation, and I am not returning to the old world. I can’t now anyway. I’ve left that world behind. Like I said, I left a long, long time ago. I just didn’t realize that I just needed the a bit of self-imposed protection to help me to survive the journey from there to here. It sure felt a lot like depression and sadness and loneliness though. So now the truth is that there really are lots of people in the new world now, millions, and we’re all walking around among you if you don’t yet realize it, not really part of your old world any longer. None of us are going back either. So find one of us. Better yet, find this person within yourself. The fresh new world we are creating is way, way better than the old one that will soon thankfully be allowed to fade away as a collective lesson-learned for our species.

See you on the new timeline. However you must do it, find your own way out of the old world, the way that you were meant to find.





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