The enlightened future of privacy

There are many sources on the internet that describe what a future state of being means for communication. In advanced life forms, or what is termed as ‘homo-illuminous’, we exist as light beings that communicate in dramatically different ways from the way that we embody physical form and communicate now. So how does that relate to privacy and state or government sanctioned ‘spying’ with the cooperation of big-tech like Google and Facebook? How does that relate to the current level of apathy when it comes to the youth of today not actually caring about their privacy? How does that relate to the phrase “I’ve done nothing wrong, so why should I care?”. In my opinion, the youth are on the right track, but the true embodiment of the sentiment will inevitably be fulfilled.

Information becomes propaganda

The structures in place for controlling humanity really started to manifest in the 1950’s with the popular advent of the television into every living room. Prior to tv it was radio, prior to that it was newspaper. Originally the newspaper, and journalism itself was established as a means of keeping the populace informed, so that we could participate in the democratic process and understand what was happening in the places of government. At some point during this process the ruling class co-opted the newspaper media, buying up newspapers and taking control over the narrative of the information being published. Elections were co-opted, money and other forms of blackmail crept into government, and the cast was set.This is a paradigm that has existed for generations, and one that the youth of today are simply disregarding.

With the introduction of the television, the actual belief systems of the populace could be molded. Society could be made to believe one way or the other, and television became a huge distraction to the population. Newspapers still were the source of some form of information, however controlled, but TV and now radio, since shifting from the mass-information medium to the medium of entertainment in the form of music, allowed for further distraction.

Fast forward to today, and the current generation of parents grew up with a dependency and addiction on entertainment, which the young generation now is demolishing. Record sales have plummeted over the past generation, and Hollywood is struggling to keep the attention and control of youth who have higher standards than the simplistic writing and story patterns employed by television and movie studios, which are now finally failing.

The television media of today now pushes an intelligence- insulting level of propaganda, masquerading as journalism today. The deep state’s preferred narratives are rammed down the throats of the populace, in a now pitiful attempt to pre-form the opinions and beliefs of the populace which is waking up at an exponentially increasing level, and developing higher levels of discernment and skepticism that have become immune to the outdated methodologies of today’s mainstream media to the point where mainstream media has simply become an embarassment to itself and to our society as a whole.

Present and future

Moving forward to the 21st century, technology is everywhere. Not only is the information being distributed, it is being pushed, pulled, aggregated, collected, acquired, bought and sold, in multiple formats, text, audio, video, and we even have machine learning limited artificial intelligence that parses all that data and extrapolates your actual belief systems. Still we are not finished as we dangerously flirt with biometric scanners, fingerprint sensors and cybernetic enhancements into physical bodies.

As science matures, it eventually gets to understand things on a smaller and smaller level. What is smaller than the atom? Smaller than sub-atomic particles? What is below the very fabric of physical matter? What is below light, sound and frequency? Could it be thought? Is there anything below that? more fundamental than thought? Can life exist as pure thought?

While all of the above may seem a bit off-topic when it comes to privacy, it is important to lay some ground-work for the next concepts. All of this so far has been about communication, but what about things like fear and personal sovereignty, and free-will?


The majority of us come into this world with residual fear, maybe from past lives, or perhaps as young children we experience trauma that triggers our fight-or-flight response and we integrate some form of postulate that we must be afraid of some aspect of our lives or another. Relating that to privacy, what is privacy? Likely you have heard the phrase, I have nothing to fear, so why should I care about privacy? It is really a simple matter not about yourself or what you have to fear from someone seeing your dirty laundry, but rather what the un-enlightened person will do with the transparent awareness of your secrets should your secrets become public knowledge.

Firstly, do you have regrets over things you may have done in the past? If you have dis-respected the free-will or personal sovereignty of another, then that is a matter that could be worked out between the two parties. If there is guilt, shame or embarassment surrounding those past events, again, that is with the individual, that could be made into a healing experience with the right amount of forgiveness. In a society of unity consciousness, we all recognize that we all come from the same source, and while here we still have the ability to act in a way that does not fully respect the free-will and personal sovereignty of another, and therefore create those ‘secrets’ that we may be afraid to admit about our past actions. The self-forgiveness and mutual forgiveness is important to help heal from that. In a unity-conscious society, respecting another being’s free-will is a given, there really is no need to act any other way. Eventually, our society will reach this level, and the need for transgression will simply diminish. Being a more advanced species means being aware of this truth and acting accordingly.

Secondly, the statement ‘If you have done nothing wrong, then you have nothing to fear’, is itself fundamentally flawed. In truth I always have nothing to fear. I understand this about the reality I live in. What is to ‘do something wrong’ anyway? To break a law, to transgress against another human? The spirit of our basic laws are meant to respect the free-will and personal sovereignty of all members of society as equals. The exception of course being those laws created by malfeasant law-makers that do not respect the free-will of all of society including that of the planet herself. Should they have something to fear, even then? Such is a question for another article about the nature of fear and forgiveness, but for now, let us simply say that all people can be offered forgiveness, up to a point. After the point of forgiveness, there is simply containment. In summary however, privacy is not really an issue in an enlightened society where all souls natively respect the free-will of all others. Which brings us back to the evolution of communication next.

The speed of thought and nature of telepathy

This is the real fun part. It may require a bit of a re-framing of your consciousness in order to grasp this next statement.

We are all conscious beings that already exist at higher forms of existence than our physical bodies, before our physical bodies exist in this earth reality, and and such we communicate with each other at the speed of thought which is instantaneous and outside of the various constructs of this reality such as ‘time’ and ‘space’, so that thought effectively seems from the context of this reality to be instantaneous and infinitely-far-reaching.

In other words, we are all telepathic, before we are even born here. We are still telepathic during our time here, and we will still be telepathic after we leave here.

There is a simple test for it, especially if you are a pet-owner. Ask your pet to come over to you, without saying anything. Is your intention pure when you ask? The reason for mentioning intent, is that your intent is the part that gets communicated. Words, and the necessity of manipulating your mouth, respiratory system and vocal chords into resonant frequencies that is effectively forming sounds with your mouth and lungs into audible language for another person’s ear to hear in order to convey an intent that you happen to be experiencing, is extremely crude, and really only exists because we have brains and bodies. Another simple piece of evidence, think of a friend or loved one, intently, and they phone you. The intent thought is the key, the authenticity, honesty, and purity (love?) behind the communication or thought.

Actual telepathy though is the expression of intent, and it is an ‘energetic’ transmission, though I use the term energetic because it simplifies the medium into something we can relate to as being ‘mysterious’ or beyond our current physical understanding presently. Simply put, it’s quite obvious that our bodies and brains and ears, mouth and sound are created for the purpose of forcefully imposing a buffer that allows us the opportunity to learn to respect the free-will of another being while we have brains that may not fully understand that concept. Advanced species could read the thoughts and intentions of others, but they choose not to.

What is Privacy?

In our age of technology, we now have many laws in place now regarding our individual right to privacy. Our right to have our data kept private, to not be spied upon, to not have our financial information stolen and a malfeasant human given the ability to steal money from us (see any other article topic on this site about money), et cetera. We have all these devices and places to store all this private information about ourselves digitally, in limitless places around the internet. We are actually paving the way for our own realization in all this, because privacy is becoming something that in reality, can no longer be enforced! I have so much person data in so many places and have so many passwords for systems that it all becomes a jumble too impossibly complex for my actual brain to be able to control. I do not read terms of service on websites or apps on my phone or computer, very few of us can and do. We have enabled a world without privacy, and I believe there is an underlying reason for this.

That reason is that privacy is better described as respecting other beings’ free-will and sovereignty, and their right to experience the reality they have chosen to experience, while they may express part of that experience with you or not. Think of the phone call, or a hail, or a hello as being a gift, where we may be interested in sharing an experience with another, yet not forcing that experience, or intruding upon another’s reality unwanted. The other has free-will and has a right to respectfully decline the offer, with no presumptions or implied meaning. In truth, privacy is really not something to be protected or secured or hoarded, it is something to be natively offered in alignment of love and respect for self and all others as oneself. Simply put, love thy neighbor as thyself. the sentiment behind that being, to love thy neighbor is to love one-self because we are in fact all one. The only true way to ‘gain’ privacy is to first understand that it really is not a thing that can be ‘taken’. I do truly have nothing to hide, I am fully transparent. What you choose to do with that knowledge is up to you. I choose to respect the free-will of other beings. It is a shift in consciousness, not in writing and enforcing laws, written with words and language. The more of us that become the change we want to see in the world, the  more that we will see that change manifested in our shared reality.

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