Self-healing and the energetic nature of our universe

I like to think that things just come to me. Most of my life I have been a learner, an extraordinary acquisition-ist of new information and knowledge. The interesting thing though is that if I learn something about a facet of our world or universe, or especially historical or scientific record, just because I have learned it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is true. What is truth though? All the knowledge and recorded information in our society is based upon someone receiving input into their brain and then outputting that information again. Possibly more people may concur with and integrate that knowledge if it were base and common enough, i.e. those consumers shared similar background information and thought patterns or belief systems, therefore rendering that the knowledge could then be deemed ‘true’ or ‘factual’ if the majority of people agree with the information. Still, does that make it true?

Hundreds of years ago, not thousands, but just several hundreds of years ago, it was thought that the earth was flat, and that the earth was the center of the universe and that the sun and all other planets revolved around the earth. Society agreed with that statement and for a long period of time it was undisputed until new opposition to that supposed law came into being, that earth was not the center of the universe and was a member of the solar systems as we know it today. The originator was eventually forced to publicly recant his opposing viewpoint under penalty of a punishment effectively equaling death. The small yet more powerful group of humans ruling most of society at the time decided that the theory of earth’s position in space needed to stay the same. A veritable battle for truth existed. Eventually the new or now considered ‘correct’ viewpoint was adopted and is now accepted as an axiom. You would be insane or delusional to dispute that verifiable factoid of truth today.

So what is presently ‘known’ about our current reality or our current universe in scientific or medical dogma or doctrine today? What do we know, currently, that we may find dramatically changes a generation from now, or sooner? I have only recently started to inquire into the physical makeup of our bodies here, starting with the nervous system and how it relates to the environment around me. The first conclusion that I have inferred based upon reading, is that the PhD I was reading approached the subject matter from a standpoint of ‘the body (and brain) functions this way, therefore we develop certain behavioral responses and therefore become a certain way’. The basis of treatment is therefore all about the physical, and the brain, and the regulation of systems, and therefore happiness was ultimately achieved by some pure physical means of harmoniously balancing and reversing previously adopted patterns in the brain, etc.

What I found was distinctly missing was reference to consciousness. Which of course is totally understandable because consciousness cannot be proven. It can be hypothesized tested for in such a way as to make it a widely accepted theory that we are in fact conscious, but present day science cannot prove it. We cannot define it, or show its blueprint, demonstrating how it comes into being. Isn’t that amazing? We know we are conscious, we just don’t know how consciousness is possible. We can’t quantify it.

Now I will segue a bit. I also recently read something about mental illness and the way of the shaman, as it relates to a persons healing journey. It was on Waking Times a little while ago. “An African shaman explains what it means to answer the healer’s call.” Further did it reference a deeper article, “What a shaman sees in a mental hospital” –

To Somė, a crisis of this (mental illness) type, is akin to receiving a call from the spirit world, which serves to disrupt ordinary consciousness and compels the person on a journey of discovery to find out how to reconcile the material and spiritual energies at play in their life. If the call goes unanswered or is ignored all together, the crisis appears to deepen as the person is driven mad by the refusal to integrate the spiritual energy in a way that serves them and their community. This type of enlightenment is a type of awakening to one’s inherent healing powers, and they must first heal themselves, then turn their constructive energies toward the service of the community. At first it does indeed appear to be a destructive process, but experienced elders and healers rally to help the individual, their unique purpose can be fully recognized, and their sickness becomes a gift which can help other people.”

Now, I am very much one of these people. If you are reading this, my guess is that you can probably relate to some or all of what you are reading. Maybe like me you have always known yourself to be a healer, yet struggling to find the same happiness as what you perceive the others around you a world where, let’s face it, yourself like you don’t belong. There’s no shamans around here very much these days.

The rule of science in the healing domain, has historically declared such belief systems or shamanic practices to be akin to insanity. The biggest laugh of all is that science has dominion over the modern age of healing yet admits to having no true and complete understanding of our human bodies and existence! They can’t, and if you want a great dissertation on the reasoning behind that statement, look into the work of Nassim Haramein or the Resonance Science Foundation. So our society’s highest authority on healing, can never have complete understanding of our existence, due to the self imposed limitation it adopts in the form of adherence to the scientific method. How many times do you hear the scientific community declare that the brain is too complex to understand, that the workings of the brain are essentially a mystery? Still to this day. Science also is of course battling the worst possible corruption through examples like the destructive greed of the pharmaceutical industry in the realm of vaccines and cancer research, an existing establishment of academic censure that refuses to support any theorem not derived from existing academic dogma, in a manner that is today as bad as Galileo versus the Vatican.

So where does that leave us, the would be healer and truth seeker? An outcast, unfortunately. If you happen to be like-minded however, please do register on the site here, we can support our own healing.

Still in the segue, I want to cover some of the views from the outside. I have a regular day job, a family, a history of various childhood traumas and have also experienced what psychologists refer to as depression and dis-associative disorder. Let me clarify what I mean by childhood trauma. I was not a cast member in some violent and macabre netflix suspense thriller. As a child, a very young baby human, we tend to need the nurturing bond of our parents. In fact, it is really important that children receive that nurturing in order to themselves adopt a sense of self-worth as they develop their own identity. So I ain’t crazy. I just have some beliefs I adopted at a very early age that contribute to patterns of behavior in my life that are definitively challenging. In other words in my early development I encountered some events that I as a baby interpreted as traumatic in some way, and my childhood self, in defense, employed a defensive measure called disassociation. I kind of psychically withdrew from the world a bit in self-defense because at that young age that is all I knew how to do. I am realizing now, in my mid forties, that I did this as a young child. My particular reaction upon figuring this out was to utter a long fffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaa expletive. I had no control over whether I was going to do this or not. I was too young to have reason enough to understand that my experiences weren’t really as traumatic as I was making them out to be. Not from the perspective of a mature adult anyway. Regardless, I adopted some fears.

Here now however, is where it gets really interesting. When I started on my journey of healing, it was also a journey of awakening. My particular awakening was one where I started to realize everywhere society went wrong, or more aptly, was steered wrong, by the most horribly delusional, broken, power hungry and abusive masters, that we now have come to know simply as the ‘ Deep State’, although that is an extreme euphemism given the levels of evil darkness practiced by this lost group as the world may one day be allowed to discover. I did all that. Looking for answers. Found them. We only ever find that which we direct energy towards looking for.

If you’ve awakened in a degree similar in any way to myself, you likely have learned how basically every pillar of our society has been horribly twisted and corrupted, or even purposely created with the intention of preventing our conscious evolution, so that we may be kept enslaved as a resource to be exploited by this relatively small group of humans now being referred to as the ‘deep state’. This is very much akin to the journey of the character Neo in the Matrix movies, who comes to realize that there is something ‘wrong’ with the world, but you just can’t put your finger on it, but you feel it, when you go to work, when you pay your taxes, etc. That the way it is now is not how it is supposed to be. Don’t you feel that? I mean, yes, it’s all true. We’ve totally shit the bed in terms of our own decision making power as a species. We have allowed ourselves to become so thought controlled to the point where we demand others make our decisions for us and then get upset when they screw it up, while we keep killing ourselves working ourselves to the bone, demanding that people ‘create jobs’ for us. It’s all totally backwards from any form of truly healthy species evolution. One could argue that in the past 200 years that we have actually been devolving as a species.

We’re not really supposed to have to pay someone for a place to sleep. For food. To pay someone else for our very body’s survival needs and the privilege of existing. This constant and perpetual feeling of worry about our survival, is not supposed to exist. We’re just supposed to be able to walk around freely and exist, just taking care of each other. That’s it. Our style of slavery society has been manufactured and constructed, by, well, ourselves really. It’s taken hundreds of years, maybe thousands, for that state of our existence to be put in place, but remember, in your own DNA, you remember a time when this wasn’t true.

I feel like the more I awaken, the more that I withdraw from or forsake what I now believe to be the old world, the one we will eventually leave behind in favor of our own evolution.

Yet, withdrawal isn’t truly an option, is it? I’m still inhabiting a body here, breathing air, walking around, currently fingers typing away on a keyboard. I’m definitely here in some way, so I must have decided that would be for a good reason. A continuously strong pull I have is to prove that fact by placing my hand on the ground and actually touching the planet. To dig my fingers in the cold soil and connect my body to that of the earth. Literally grounding this way I find is one of the few ways that I can release a large amount of bottled up energy, and I don’t do it enough to be honest. I find myself craving the serenity of mountains, forests and streams.

So on the one hand I am a scientifically unprovable conscious being, yet inhabiting a body that is part of dimension of space and time what we think of as 3rd dimension, which we think of as ‘solid’, but which we know to actually only be made up of atoms, molecules, photons, vibrating as a certain frequency. Energy. Just energy. I am finding the challenge to be integrating the 2 realities. In this day and age it is so easy to be something other than a fully integrated whole being, to be something out of balance, and neglect one aspect of oneself for the other, and yet still maintain the awareness that we are divinely conscious beings projecting ourselves into the physical reality here.

So there you have it. For example, the extra belly fat, or the arthritis, the fading eye sight, or the type 2 diabetes you might have all exists in your body that is made up of energy, that your consciousness, also energy, also inhabits and directs. You are sitting around worrying about your diet, or some prescription or some doctor’s advice about how to chemically attempt to correct whatever ailment you are directing through your life. Now consider the vegetables you eat instead of the processed foods, are also made of energy? That when you eat them, the energy of the vegetables interacts with the energy of your body, to shift your body into a newer healthier state with each bite of green lettuce? But, what about the choice of what to eat in the first place? To choose the lettuce over the processed simulated potato chip object in a tennis ball can? What above the simple act of making that choice? What was that all about? Who decided that? Who made that choice? Did your body do it without your knowledge or permission? it sure didn’t. Did a doctor convince or persuade you to make that choice for yourself? If you have that doctor then you found a healer. More often than not however, you chose to heal yourself and you did it with whatever you believe was the most appropriate method to do so, based on your current knowledge of what is true.

So what about all of this? As a species, we are disconnected from our true nature. We haven’t devoted enough time to simply understanding what we are, and until we do that, we’ll just be dealing with only a tiny amount of the picture, never truly healing anything. Never actually releasing the true cause of any particular ailment. I say releasing and not ‘solving’ because it is one thing to know the cause, it is another thing altogether to decide that you no longer want to experience it. Therein lies the true realization of what we are and the kind of power that we have. We create dis-ease all life long and never stop to understand why or really look at the cause. Most of this stems from the fact that the majority of us have no concept of the amount of power that we actually have over our own individual and collective reality.

I would like to put an end to that finally. I would like to finally put at end to the naivety we seem to have been carrying all this time. We’ve been naive to believe that ‘contracting’ a disease is some random dark lottery. The very word itself ‘contract’, is an agreement! Signed a contract for this disease experience did you? With who, yourself? This is one contract that you are free to break at any time. The best doctor if given the chance would turn you right back around to take a hard look at yourself first to see the cause or your own disease, understand why you took that path, to help you be compassionate with yourself, and decide to let go of the underlying reason why you think you needed the disease in the first place. Then they would help you with all the best corrective measures that the most intelligent and enlightened science could manifest, supporting you as you make your own self-healing journey. It has to be approached from both the inside and the outside. And part of the act of choosing to gain the assistance of a healer, is part of the path you take to release yourself from the idea that you needed the disease in the first place, or to simply help you to realize that you no longer need it as part of your life now. The inward path is understanding why you contracted the disease in the first place. To perceive disease from this standpoint is to truly understand just how powerful you actually are as part of this universe. Oh yes, you are not separated from the universe, the energy of all things just so happens to flow through you as well.

We can become aware of what we are. We can remember our truly infinite power and ability to create our reality as we see fit. We can remember that we are always connected to the divine and that we can create whatever experience we wish to have in this reality, whether we call it health and happiness or disease and suffering. Each and every one of us is the same this way. No one person is more infinitely divine than any other. We make this reality, we create this reality, and we co-create this planet with each other and with the planet herself. Look into your own heart in your chest and ask yourself if what you are reading is true. The heart creates, as it is the entry point from the divine into this reality. The next time you dig your outstretched fingers into the grains of sand on a beach, consider how it is in fact that you came to be here. Then ask yourself if you still want to be even the slightest bit unhealthy. Ask yourself if you need to be carrying any sickness right now. We all have this power. Its what we truly are. Then go about changing your life to suit yourself. Then uphold this understanding for the rest of your life and watch what happens to your reality around you, and it starts to shape itself differently. The core frequency of all that reality newly shaping itself in accordance with you understanding your own divinity, is a much higher frequency, one where darkness and disease cannot (and no longer) survives, because such constructs are not actually of the heart (divine), and therefore simply don’t have a basis in that true reality. You are the one shifting. the world that you shift into, was interestingly enough, always there awaiting you. You just happened to be inhabiting the old reality.

In service,


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