Planetary To-Do List

Our current civilization has been around for what we think of as 2000 years of recorded history, and in that time, we have grown from what would be an agrarian society to an industrialized society on the verge of being a technological society. Looking back through that time, it is easy to notice how as individuals we have essentially remained good, yet as a society we experience symptoms of what we can describe as a lack of true self awareness. This article is a personal prophecy based on what I believe is axiomatic for a society that is developing as ours.

1. Integrate the axioms of personal sovereignty, divinity, equality

Our natural state is one of progression towards this kind of enlightenment, and that stage will be reached, it is inevitable. As more and more of us progress towards this state of awareness, our society will gradually change. It is already starting small now but we will start to see rapid change towards this kind of ‘golden age’ society in this next generation. When a person is awake and aware of their holistic nature in the universe, the concept of self-love and love for all species becomes self-evident. A being who recognizes their divinity and the divinity of all life gradually adopts the principles of care for others and service to society. The simple awareness of this truth remains while the other fear based thought forms dissolve and fall away.

2. Disable and dispense with existing control systems

The humans who have held the most amount of power have for the last few centuries have installed a number of control systems that we can now dispense with, the main one being the money based ‘economy’.

Central banks, owned by private families create our currency from nothing, and then loan it to us. We the people then pay compounding interest on that existing currency, in the form of income tax and a national deficit that can never be paid off. Because of this we have ‘no money’ for the good things in life, and we are always facing a needless poverty and scarcity. We pay someone to live on our planet. We pay for food and clothing, and all the things we would give ourselves for free if we could? So why don’t we just do that then?

The food, medical, academic, entertainment and information industries have pretty much all been made to be for the most part harmful to us. Kind of crazy isn’t it? We allow a small group of us to harm the majority of all of us, and we pay them for it. We are surrounded by all these systems that keep us from realizing our own empowerment, realizing that we can simply make our lives here however we want, as long as we can simply agree on the basics!

3. Disclose literally everything, publish all hidden knowledge, expose all wrong doings, and hold all law-breakers accountable

Again with the ‘naughties’ as I like to call them. The un-named invisible power elite, the richest humans on the planet that have been running things the longest and have seemingly been doing so for centuries with complete and total impunity, misguided and fairly deranged. Those poor, poor people. They need to be arrested, tried in the court of the land, convicted as necessary and made to carry out a fitting sentence of reparation. They do not really hold any real power over us or anyone, they have only positioned themselves with worldly effects in order to perpetuate the illusion of control over the majority of the collective.

All past cover-ups, lies, deceits, conspiracies to commit crimes, heinous crimes against all humanity, must all be publicized and all humans on the planet must be made aware of the manner in which their free-will has been impugned or been subjected to cruel treatment over the many generations. All the deep state cabal illuminut-jobs have to be made to reckon with their actions.

All hidden knowledge must be revealed, and shared with all, for the benefit of all of us. We must have total and complete truth and utter transparency, or how can we really evolve as a species? How can we grow if we do not really know who we are, and how we are able to participate in this universe, this reality?

Everything must be brought out into the open, and we must all deal with the knowledge of all things that we can possibly know, so that we may authentically grow and evolve as a species. It is sad that as I type this I know that many may not realize this truth until they are confronted with it in a rather harsh way, but to each their own experience.

The more of us that align with this message of clarity of knowing thyself, and by extension the collective ourselves, the better our shared timeline becomes.

I am sure we can come up with more but for now, let these 3 stand…

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