No time like the present

I have posted other articles in the past about the nature of time as we see it from our physical ‘bio’ perspective. In days past, people would derive concepts such as linear time and moving forward, and looking back as reference points in an algorithm of linear time, but is that really how we want to see the universe?

I have had my share of struggles with this world. Struggles relating to feeling like I have not been connected to this world, like I am an outsider, somehow outside the status quo, not being able to comprehend or understand why the world works the way it does.

I would describe this perspective with a statement like “Why doesn’t everyone see the common sense solution? I thought surely everyone must see what I see? Why are we not an enlightened species?”. My common opinion was that two thousand years of crappy civilization has existed already, how much longer until we stop fighting each other, end war, end poverty, end our own self-destructive food chain, stop the oppression and depraved need to amass power and control over others, the destruction of our own planet and basic self-destruction?

I realize now that the whole reason is our lack of self-awareness.

Myself, I’m still working to come out of my own dark night of the soul. I saw Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ talk about the dark night of the soul in terms of the ‘hero’s story’, and it was really resonant. Suffice it to say, I believe it is simple enough to describe the journey as one of finding the source of one’s own fears, traumas and other limiting beliefs and slow working to undo them, and release them. Underneath the fears, I think we tend to find our true selves.

That true self I was talking about is the closest thing that any of us have as a connection to the creator, the source, or our own divinity. The more that we nurture that journey within, towards our true innermost anchor of our soul, the more we realize that the world we live in is absolutely a construct that is here for the purpose of our higher spiritual selves to participate in a growth opportunity, as we are spiritual beings having a physical awareness and not the reverse.

Once we as a species achieve a state where we all individually recognize the truth of our own highest divine potential, will we then also see that in everyone else, and realize that we are all on the same team, working on achieving the same thing. So the mantra ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ could never be more true. The more of us that awaken to our own true divine nature, the faster we as a species evolve into an advanced and enlightened culture.

If you are reading this, it is no coincidence, this means you. This applies to you. Either you are on your own journey of awakening or you are about to embark on one and I wish you the most success possible. While we cannot convince or compel any one else to evolve themselves (again, mostly by having and acting on the courage to seek out the parts of your life that are aligned with the negative side and work on healing them), when you embark on this journey, those around you see it happening, even if only at a subconscious level, and such becomes an inspiration and a catalyst for those others that may be looking for that path of their own.

I mentioned the construct of time in the opening paragraph above. I wanted to circle back to this. After a path that included many instances of self-reflection, and with the help of an extremely gifted teacher, I recently arrived at one of the deepest core issues of my life in the form of a pattern of guilt, shame, powerlessness and in fact self-imposed dis-empowerment or lack of self-worthiness and self-value, that I have actually been repeating over the course of multiple incarnations here. It is a frequency that I had adopted, more in the alignment towarads fear, and I had locked it into my consciousness for some time. As a result, it has been replaying over and over, and I just recently made it to the point of understanding that emotion, I understand the choice I made of why I had adopted it the most important thing being that the understanding was attained at this level of consciousness, the one where I am typing and you are reading. This level we share. I understand what it is I could gain from experiencing this frequency within my field, taking on that level of fear / negativity or alternatively put, ‘deviation’ from my true self. Now that I understand the choice I made to adopt it, I can now release it. I understand that I wanted a complete experience of that frequency, and so I got it. Now it is time to let that frequency, that emotion, that pattern of events surrounding that frequency go, it has served its purpose, and I can now move past it.

So again, why the reference to time? In this current life, the trauma I experienced that reflected the presence of this particular level of emotion that I was holding in my field, happened to me at a very young (toddler) age, and it cast the shadow of a major disintegration or misconstrued postulate that affected the pattern of my life for over 4 decades, the entire first 1/4 of my life as it turns out. So I feel a little like I am now learning that I kind of ‘shit the bed’ for the first 40 years of my life, and I felt a little regret over the loss of that ‘time’. I even have started grieving over that ‘lost time’, which is not entirely a bad thing, because to grieve for myself is in fact a form of compassion, for myself, which is undeniably good.

I thought it was though I had ‘made a mistake’ as a toddler, at not even an age old enough to have a fully developed brain! In that moment of trauma formed a view of the world that was derived from the absolute emotional presence of a child in their ability to draw conclusions about the world. That was how the vent transpired anyway. Shit happened, and I drew the wrong conclusion about what was really going on, out of a sense of my own protection. Long story. Another way of looking at it is, the frequency of the emotion that I held in my own field for probably thousands of years of our ‘time’, was informing the reality around me while I was incarnated here. Like attracts like. So the beautiful thing is that I discovered the presence of this darker emotional frequency residing in my field and I could now see it, or I was simply aware of it, truthfully. When I truly accepted it for what it was, and became aware of how long it has truly been a part of my consciousness, I began to see it without time. As such, I can begin to see everything else around me without time. We are truly only present. There is no real past or future, our awareness of form and objects moving through form, gives us a sense of something happening before something else, but that same sense that perceives time, is also part of our physical presence in this world of form, so this ‘sense’ of time is actually also a manifestation. If you spend your entire life in a forest, your entire universe is trees. bettwe it is like swimming in the ocean and not realizing you are wet.

So we go on our own path, at our own pace, and in our own time (?). A most interesting thing about my own dark night, was that I needed to be here, in this world, in order to actually experience it. I could not have experienced that darker level of emotional frequency anywhere else in the multidimensional cosmos; only here on earth, in this form. So once we are all done with our own individual dark night, we found the space within to understand our own reason for adopting the dark journey, will we then let it go, and then this place will get way, way more fun, 24/7. The party will truly be here at that point. A more interesting thing is that events are also transpiring around us to now forcefully compel the removal of these darker frequencies we have all adopted because as we kind of ‘forcefully evolve’, these dark emotional frequencies simply can no longer exist. They now need to be released if our intention is to evolve. As such the turmoil of all of that darker emotions being needfully released, manifests as some crazy shit happening in the world around us. Events that force us as a collective to look at our collective darkness and deal with it lest we be dragged down by it. We must look at the pattern of events tied to the emotion, and see the emotion itself so we can understand it and let it go. The planet, she is, and we are, shaking off all these dark frequencies like a dog shaking water out of it’s coat after a swim. The shaking part is our new forced awareness of the fact that we are wet, and that water needs to be shook. Fun fact: we also signed up for that experience too. The experience of coming to the only party in the entire universe where all of that old stuff gets shed, for everyone, and we all just happen to evolve, together.

So yes, take courage, hero! Know also that you are not alone in your struggle! If you need support, you will get it, at exactly the time when it will serve you the most to have it (likely right around the time when you are about to lose your shit). Have courage in your own ability to heal, improve and evolve yourself, because you are the hero of your own journey.

Godspeed in the infinite love that you already are and just may not truly know it, yet.


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