It’s not chaos and darkness, it’s reconciliation and release

In 2017 we started to see more and more injustice from the past getting called out by public figures.

Players in the American football league kneeling during the American national anthem to protest the systemic racism that has existed in the USA since the country’s founding.

The #metoo campaign arising out of the exposure and growing awareness of sexism, sexual harassment, pedophilia, and ultimately human trafficking in Hollywood and around the elite power structures all across the planet. This particular rabbit hole goes very deep and very dark and very high up through institutions that many will not believe to be true.

Trophy hunters being vilified on social media.

Bullying and mistreatment of children going viral on social media.

Celebrities calling out their own nation states and declaring their own shame and embarrassment towards the treatment of indigenous peoples in their native country.

In 2018 it seemed like the crazy only escalated. Wildfires, caravans and the wall, yellow vests, turmoil planet-wide.

Here we are now comfortably settled into 2019, and if I was to take a perspective, I would say that there is a feeling of coasting on the crazy. We’re all so used to the msm going bananas over the smallest thing now, that we tend to start to see it as white noise almost.

The global economy is basically some form of vapour that has no actual presence or semblance that relates to any form of value whatsoever because we have been now for generations, been floating on nothing but fiat debt. One day I will find the quote I want specifically, but I am continuously reminded now that the most intense form of activism and protest is to be debt-free.

But what is all this about? I saw a meme the other day that succinctly summed of this whole piece:

That things are not going badly, it is just that all the bad parts of our society and collective consciousness are not being revealed. The darkness is being now exposed to the light. We must breathe and hold this light and weather the coming times. As the saying goes, it is always darkest before the dawn. This is never more true than now in our species’ development and I suspect we may need to draw deeper in towards support of each other before we come out the other side of the events that comprise the times we now preside over.

So say strong, light worker. You’ve done or started doing the work, you are on the path of awakening now. This evil that has been ruling our planet for eons, just know that we did have a role in propagating its existence, allowing its presence. We need to own that truth. The ‘naughties’ as I like to call them, the most wounded, dark, twisted, spiritually suffering, lost, decrepit, sad elite power mongers that have been dominant over our planetary systems for the last many hundred years are no longer able to hide from the light that our world is moving into. Needless to say, they are freaking out right now as the old horrifically dark systems of control are collapsing and being brought down by those they once controlled without question.

The truth of everything will come out eventually because no other thing can possibly happen. The truth must come out because it is the truth of the heart, the divine. The source of all that is. I’ve come to realize that most things not related to simple pure love and divine are based more in the ego or falseness and illusion of false perception (like the traditional examples of the evil rulers) and will eventually collapse as the reality of the heart and higher dimensional frequencies come into existence here.

The simple truth is that this darkness falls away, and right now we are sort of perceiving it and watching it go away.

Wave goodbye, and reflect on that was, because none of it was ever who you really are, who any of us really is.


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