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The world it seems, is starting to take a turn for the surreal. That perspective about history where we need to learn it, in order to learn from it, seems to be a perspective that I am recognizing more and more of late.

In the past few months I have taken to watching political commentary on YouTube. There’s a lot of it, to be sure. In the last few decades of my adult life I have naturally changed a lot, matured a lot, and my perspective on world events has changed incredibly. Mostly this is because of the spiritual work that I have done to heal myself and to try to come to terms with my place in this dimension here, to discover and live my purpose.

I’m a fan of Tim Pool. I’ve been watching his commentary for a while. Something has been bothering me about the world more than usual lately and today I saw something that kind of resonated a lot, a story about the statistic rate of suicide of young men in the UK and the US (on youtube here – https://youtu.be/KwJ0IxYRMZU).

Prior to that I was watching various interviews with Zach Vorhies, a former senior dev from Google that resigned and blew the whistle on a bunch of Google’s disastrously mentally ill policies about censorship and trying to control the thoughts of the masses in order to make the world their version of their better place.

The theme of late has really been about the ‘left’ trying to control reality. Now, I am not going to sugar coat it, there is some real twisted elements exposing themselves plainly, openly, with no regard the consequences of their actions, really. We saw this a lot in Germany in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Where a subset of the population really thought they knew what was best for everybody, to the point where the populace was convinced that book burning and destruction of the parts of society that were not compliant with the ‘approved’ ideology was actually a smart thing to do.

Fast forward to 2019, and we are approaching this same scenario, in a digital format. Though I could speculate as to whether or not we may find groups like antifa (a group that should more aptly should be called ‘profa’ or ?) soon taking much more overt physical action engaging in open and outright destruction of any part of society they deem ‘not worthy’.

Right. So if Anti’fa’ is meant to refer to anti ‘fascism’. I get it. Makes sense. Fascism seems to be not very much in alignment with spiritual enlightenment and the understanding that all beings human and otherwise that share creation are part of the divine creator and are therefore truly sovereign, infinite beings in possession of divinely imbued free-will and are therefore destined to live in complete harmony with themselves and all of creation.

Fascism sounds a lot like a small group of people trying to control the rest of the collective, which doesn’t align with the part about divine free-will, and therefore honestly, cannot be made to endure. At some point, the simple truth is that because it is so far out of alignment with the way the universe naturally is, such approaches can ultimately only exist in a temporary state, at some point, collapsing under their own illusory nature. Why though, is it always about one small group trying to control the collective? Trying to force a belief system into reality? Can control even actually exist?

Simply speaking, there is only one constant in this universe. If I need to tell you what that is, then you aren’t ready to hear it yet (sorry no spoilers)! We as a collective may try out what it is like to experience that kind of situation where the few or the one exerts control over the free-will of the many, but ultimately I believe that control won’t / cannot persist. The collective will at some point derive their full use out of the situation and then naturally revert back to its natural state of respecting the divine free-will of all of creation.

I was looking to find an adjective however, that could describe the kind of society we seem to find ourselves in now. Naturally, since we have groups like antifa at large apparently enforcing some militant stance supporting ‘approved’ social conditions, and we have such terminology as the ‘woke left’, ‘political correctness’, ‘social justice warrior’, ‘snowflake’, etc popping up in our lexicon in relation to the battle for freedom of expression versus the perceived attack upon a person’s sovereignty, I decided to try to find the opposite of the ‘fa’ in antifa, thinking okay, maybe our situation can be described by some other word like socialism or communism, or marxism or leninism or marxist-leninist etc. I really looked. I thought, surely we must be living in some sort of ‘communism’ variant, since communist China presently seems to be most analogous to the current state of ‘approved social behavior’ and other forms of censorship and manufactured public outrage I have witnessed arising in our public discourse for the past 1-2 years. However, that’s really not what I found at all.

There’s a bullet list for you. Wikipedia has out-done itself in the explanation of this entry. So I didn’t find any political ideology to describe our modern day society, I instead found a reference to the writer George Orwell.

I’ve never even read 1984. At this point I will admit I am a little scared to read it. Just like I am a little scared to read The Fruits of Graft, or The Creature from Jekyll Island or many others like it. I’ve read Web Of Debt (Brown) and Money Mafia (Hellyer) and a few others and I needed to take a break and digest. That was before Orange Man Bad was elected in 2016 and the world went down the Orwellian hole we are living in now.

When I was a kid, H.G. Wells was some kind of early on science fiction writer, creating books like the time machine, etc. I then later on learned that Wells was some unimaginably deviant twisted fcuk and in 1928 wrote a treatise about the control and domination of the world under an elite one world government made of many parts that controls the populace through various systems of control and manipulation (H.G. Wells, The Open Conspiracy: Blue Prints for a World Revolution).

As a result, let’s take just a quick look at some of the aspects of our society that in the last 1-6 generations have become fully controlled by elites and have either become poisoned to the point of being harmful to our common happiness and well-being on the planet, or have otherwise been nearly destroyed or depleted altogether:

  • The monetary / global banking system
  • Food production
  • Medical / Health Industries
  • Energy / electricity production
  • Self-government, Community engagement, Families and villages
  • Education, Scientific Discovery, Innovation
  • Information, Media, Communication
  • Business / Trade / Economics

Did I miss any? Not really right? That pretty much covers all aspects of our life on our planet there I think. Correction, I missed one outright harmful and negative aspect of society that has actually been around forever, the real and true oldest profession, the job of “royalty”. Alternatively referred to as ‘sovereignty’, spitefully self-declared as though you or I needed someone to be sovereign for us, as though we were deemed incapable of being sovereign on our own (something which we as a collective species are waking up to the truth that in reality is quite the contrary). The idea that the queen of england is my sovereign ruler of my home country of Canada in 2019 and that I am her ‘subject’ and I ‘subject myself’ to the ‘rule’ of this woman and all her children is nowadays of course a riotous farce and complete laughable nonsense. I mean, reaaaaaaaaalllly. And um, namaste.

So, now, circling back to my mention of clever YouTube commentators and activist heroes, I recall the story about a statistical spike in young male suicides in the UK and USA as the story goes.

As a near 50yo male in Canada, I grew up in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The global elite really started to fuck us over properly starting in the 70’s. I mean our parents were completely under control by the 50’s. At that time, the government could do no wrong; was to be fully trusted. Media and journalism, at that point in history, still had some credibility, there were pockets that were still dedicated to simply reporting facts / events as they occurred, with no bias, leaving the watcher / viewer / listener capable of deciding and formulating their own opinion based on their own inherent belief systems. Contrast with modern government and media, and today all of it is controlled by what we disgustingly and openly now refer to as the deep state. Who, spoiler alert, have actually been secretly in power over all governments since around the time of Jesus, at least. It’s only recently become so obvious and exposed as tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theory (a colloquialism coined in the 60’s by the same a-holes that assassinated Kennedy, *cough **BUSH **cough**) because of technology and the nature of information sharing in our present era.

Something happened however, in the 60’s. A shift began in the collective consciousness of our species. The event I was referring to above, started to take place, where the system of control by few, was beginning to implode upon itself, and gradually start to erode, for simply no other reason than the consciousness of the collective had decided that we had experienced this state of dis-alignment enough, and as such, would no longer expend energy perpetuating it. We got what we needed, thank you evil ones, for your service in being some of the most excruciatingly evil satanic naughty little bastards for the last few thousand years, but we’re all good now we’ve experienced that level of illusory non-divinity to it’s fullest extent now and we’re calling it a day. So something that is contrary to the divine natural law of the universe, needs to be upheld by free-will, if you can believe that, otherwise it simply ceases to exist, because we’re not giving it power any more.

It is kind of like gravity. The force of gravity naturally pushes objects toward the center of the planet. This is one of our physical evidences. If I choose to hold an apple in the palm of my hand, I am by the power of my divine intent, now creating a resistance to that natural state. I am expending my own stored energy in order to persist a state that is out of alignment with nature, where the apple is floating above the ground in my hand. If I then change my mind, if I change my free-will intention and decide I no longer wish to maintain the state of the apple being in the air, I withdraw my application of resistant energy, let go of the apple, and the apple, which has no desire to oppose the natural law of gravity, returns to alignment with nature and falls to the ground. Yes, apples are cool.

So here we are in 2019, and yes, the evil little elite bastards are on their way out after thousands of years of being little shits, but they are going out with a huge bang now, pulling out all the stops and just being openly ridiculous with their delusion of believing they still will maintain all the power and control over all humanity, when they simply cannot understand that their state is contrary to nature itself and therefore cannot persist indefinitely.

However, there are a number of 18-50 year old males, who as yet haven’t figured this out yet, and are in effect, really fucked up, because subconsciously, they know how fucked they are if trying to do good works, in a world that we subconsciously know, has been engineered to be a psychological hell for all of us, going on several generations now in earnest, courtesy of the souls playing the role of elite deviant and malevolent a-holes since forever.

So many of my younger brothers, like myself on many days, are bloody lost and confused already, without needing the entire internet and news media explaining to us daily about how all of our natural wired male instincts and emotional and mental states are wrong. Completely lost about how to survive and raise / protect a family when we’ve been subjected to video game culture now for a generation and lacking real formative nurturing that we need from both male and female energies that traditionally reside in both a mother and father that are grounded in divine feminine and divine masculine energies.

One of the things I have truly come to realize as a man on a journey of self-awareness and self-healing, is that my sense of wanting to be of service to my family in the form of providing security and protection comes from the divine masculine. This is a very strong sense of my internal wiring, and I experience incredible joy when I give myself permission to do so, when I shed the nonsensical societal crap and simply align with the truth of this part of my nature, that my kids also look for this from me. I think back to when I was a child, and my perceptions of my own father and the natural strength and assurance I projected that he represented. There is also my awareness of that fact that the underlying power that I draw for my masculine expression really comes from the divine feminine part of me that is deep deep down, and when I connect with it, feels like all the strength of the universe unwavering and infinite like a never ending abundance of all the power of creation. So that’s pretty cool. Calming, loving infinite well of strength to draw from. Girl power.

As men, we need purpose, and we need fuel, and we need ideas to create and express into being. Tim Pool was mentioning Jordan Peterson in all this, whereby if you find yourself without purpose, he was saying just go outside, and find the heaviest thing you can lift, and carry it. Part of where our male wiring comes from is being of service to others, in a way that is in alignment with our strengths and natural form and ability. Being of service, just lifting the object somewhere, gives mental clarity that helps to ground. So great contribution there if ever that is needed.

Sadly I think related is also the reason why some men become workaholics, because there is an imbalance, and a disconnection from the grounded internal feminine energies of creation, nurturing love of one’s own body and power and fortitude, stamina and fuel that go with having a purpose and willingness to create in the world and contribute in the first place. In our technological age, not only can we subject our children to neglect, replaced by social media, Orwellian group think and screen-time, those children end up becoming truly lost compounded by the lack of nurturing from both masculine and feminine role models needed throughout their developing life. My generation was at the forefront of this but did not get the brunt of it like the millennial and younger kids now. But there is hope though, we are bottoming out and we will rise back up as a strong loving caring species again, watch and mark my words.

So thankfully we are reaching the end of this post. This one was heavy on the frustration expression that I like to think represents a lot of male emotion these days. There’s hope though men, there is infinite hope. And dare I say, your greatest strength in your wandering lost struggle for purpose is within you, and it is also to be found by seeking the support of the strength coming from the woman next to you. She wants to support and nurture you just as much as you need to be nurtured and re-taught how to self-nurture.

Go, with that flow, divine men and women. 🙂


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